Monday, February 13, 2017

Some summer highlights...

So I've spent a good portion of my holiday break down in the Dunedin, I managed to get in the kitchen a few times, even saw the sun a few times too, usually as I was about to leave the city for a flying trip up to Wellington, miss the good weather and head back down.

So anyway, here are a few highlights from kitchen time in Dunedin.

A lot of pork sirloin, cooked medium, slathered in spices and herbs pre and post cook. Great taco filling.

Speaking of tacos, thinly sliced Granny Smith apples with mint, manuka honey, cider vinegar and fennel seeds is a pretty good foil to the pork.

For the more earthy note, thinly sliced beetroot, red onion, fennel, cumin, cider vinegar.

Nothing beats a leg of lamb, big bed of wild fennel and mint, rubbed with a middle eastern inspired blend of spices.

There were of course a tonne of salads, all a little bit on the same theme.
Corn, celery leaf, parsley and red onion salad.

Broccoli, sprouted things, red onion, sweet corn, walnuts, barley.

Broccoli, sprouted things, red onion, sweet corn, walnuts.

Some where more a meal to themselves.

Sprouted Adzuki, lentils and peas;
250 g Barley toasted and simmered
1 head broccoli
1 red chilli
70 g walnuts
70 g pumpkin seeds
Sesame seeds
Cider vinegar
Manuka honey
1 chicken breast
1 capsicum
1 red onion
Wild fennel fronds and stalks
Whole grain mustard
Sunflower oil
1 ear of sweetcorn
400 gram of cooked chickpeas
Handful of mint, lemon balm, lemon mint
Cumin, toasted and ground
Black pepper, toasted and ground

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