Monday, January 12, 2015

Christmas Pork

Well I hope everyone had a good break, I probably over did the sun, food and drink a bit too much, but then again that is what the holiday season is about. I got lazy with a brew and instead of bottling it I put it on top of a kilo or so of raspberries, a choice I would repeat.

I managed to secure a good 4.5 kg chunk of pork belly for the festive day, the plan was to roll it and rotisserie, but the BBQ could only take 3 kg length, so the smaller chunk went into a brine and then eventually into a slow oven to cook out chill and roast again on boxing day for a post festive dinner, excessive yes, but waste not want not.

The remaining 3 kg was massaged skin side with some kosher salt to remove impurities, the inside was smeared with crushed garlic, rosemary, thyme, lemon rind, salt, chilli. A brined pork fillet laid down the centre and the belly rolled around. the whole log tied together in a butcher's knot.

The small addition to the rotisserie was potatoes. So the spit was loaded and the flame set to medium and drip pans set and loaded with new potatoes placed right below the rolled pork and then the pork set and forget for 3 odd hours.

The exterior was golden brown, skin tooth crackling crunchy, and the interior was moist and fragrant, being constantly basted in the spiced herby melting fat as it rotated slowly.