Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Cold tofu snack

With the mercury, here in the capital, heading up past 31ºC today, it's already well past that at home in Karori, something cooling, refreshing and tasty is in order. Quick and easy is a must too, it's not too much fun being stuck in the kitchen on a stinking hot day, I mean stand in the garage because it's the only cool spot in the house kind of day. Well this scores on all points, it's super simple (slice some tofu), packs a flavor punch, and it's cooling to boot.

Silken tofu (cold from the fridge)
Soy (Japanese)
Lime juice and zest

Slice the tofu and arrange artfully on a dish. Pour over the soy sauce, about 2 tablespoons, letting it pool underneath. Zest the lime over top, and squeeze the juice violently over the tofu letting some of the flesh escape and scatter across the soft pillows of soy curd. Sprinkle generously with Togarashi. Devour with abandon, chopsticks are your friend and will make you look less like a brute as you scoff it down.

* If you don't have any Togarashi you could do what I do in a pinch, zest a tangelo (or orange), toast some sesame seeds and chilli flakes and mix together.