Friday, December 2, 2016

Marinate and Slather

A good flavoursome marinade can do wonders to a piece of meat, it can tenderise, season, flavour, add fat to the cooking process. But why stop there, you’ve put the effort into getting extra flavour in the cooking process, why not rest the cooked meat in some reserved (unused) marinade, or slice it and toss it through an embellished marinade? Amp up and reinforce the flavours.

Garlic, crushed
Parsley, chopped
Mint, chopped
Rosemary, chopped
White wine vinegar
Grape seed oil
Salt & Pepper

I mixed the above together in a bowl to taste, adjusted and got it just how I liked it, herby with a fiery garlic bite. I also made sure I made more than I needed as I then tipped half of it into another bowl and set aside. Some nice fatty lamb shoulder chops were left to develop in the marinade for an hour or so and then broiled until browned, cooked through and the fat golden and crispy on each side.

While the lamb was cooking I added the following to the reserved marinade, maybe a little Frank's red hot too.

Slather (marinade additions)
Jalapeños, diced
Pickles, diced
Grain mustard

When the lamb was cooked I transferred the chops to the waiting slather and let them rest ten minutes, just long enough to be comfortably handled. The bones were easily cut out, bone marrow pushed out and into the slather, and the meat sliced and tossed back through the slather.

This is great as a meat salad, or even better in a fresh wheat tortilla heated over a flame adding it’s own burnt edges to the mix.