Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pecha Kucha: Images

As I mentioned in my previous post, I was one of the presenters for the City Market Visa Wellington on a Plate event, Pecha Kucha: Imbibe. The others were Tom Scott, Bella Kalolo, Barry Soper, Rex Morgan, Howard Greive, Nick Churchouse, Steve Joll, Angela Meyer, Katherine Smyth, Helen Masters, Nigel Greening, Paul Sinclair, and Mayatita Southerwood. Apparently there will be a video of each presenter put up on youtube, and I'm sure I'll reluctantly post it on here too, whether or not I can bring myself to watch my own video is another story. But until then, here are the 20 images I used for my presentation, so click the 'read more' to see them all.

1: The Crap Kitchen

2: Carrot Burrata

3: Pickled Rhubarb

4: Bay Leaf Simple Syrup

5: Kai Kem Eggs

6: Hamine Egg

7: Confit Garlic

8: Bone Marrow

9: Bacon

10: Duck Prosciutto

11: Sous Vide Pear

12: Sous Vide Pear

13: Pork Hock Cake

14: Pork Cheek Confit

15: Stuffed Pork Trotter

16: Dosa

17: Kim Chi

18: Flexible White Chocolate Sheet

19: Tortellini

20: Red Wine Marinated Beef Salad