Monday, October 20, 2008


Well I've been a little lazy about getting my posts up here, Internet is dreadfully slow at home at the moment, so am "borrowing" works bandwidth. I thought I'd do a little photo essay type thing over a couple of post, so enjoy...

Stuffed Chicken Drums
I used to when I roasted chicken put a mix of herbs and butter under the skin, makes the skin extra crispy and the meat tasty and moist. So I thought I'd do something similar to some big drumsticks I had, but instead of just herbs I added in some earthy mushrooms and ended up with a very tasty drum indeed.Skins peeled back ready for stuffing.Before.
Tasty vegetables and lemon ready to roast.

Lamb spare ribs
Nothing more satisfying then a greasy, tender, caramelised rib with it's fat dribbling down your chin as you dig in, these didn't even make it to a plate! They got scoffed down by us standing over the bench.

Skirt steak
Rubbed in chili and pan fried with a bit of balsamic glaze, all sliced up thin ready to be devoured in wraps. On a side note, watching classic Who Wants to be a Millionaire some poor guy didn't know that "skirt" was a cut of beef, I think he chose "robe" in the end.