Friday, November 14, 2008


I've been a little lazy posting on here, and also a bit more kicked out of the kitchen as the better half has taken over. We've had some nice spicy coated chicken drums, a noodle broth with a dose of Thai mint and coriander and at the moment, she's working on an Asian themed meatball/noodle combo.

"Working hard"

Also have had a good reorganisation of the kitchen area, not that there is much you can do when there is so much limited space, more of a shuffle.

I haven't had a chance to share this one before (as it was a bit of a fail) but a fun photo none the less, this piece of meat turned up with the request for a roast! It looked like a giant steak from the flintstones!

It did turn out like this, roasted OK, a bit dry though (the internal temp was correct, so a bit confused), so I guess it's either the cut (top of the leg) or the fact it was rolled made it dry cook faster.